In a word, that was the motivation behind the formation of Mekensleep.
Enough me-too products endlessly attempting to reproduce last year's successes.
Enough market forecast studies asserting their vapor-based certitudes.
Enough dysfunctional teams trying to tackle overambitious projects.
Enough lousy publishing deals where authors lose not just their creations, but their very souls.
We had had enough, and we wanted to do something about it.

Mekensleep is our answer.
A small team, a smart team, intent on making a difference in the fields of gaming and social software.
Here, we believe in originality. We believe in hard work. We believe in ourselves. Sometimes, we even believe in taking risks!
For these reasons, we have decided keep creative control by self-financing our productions.
Fiercely independent, we will succeed or fail by our own hand.
We know the odds are against us. But we are prepared to take that chance.