Soul Bubbles is being released in Japan as Awatama.
(jul 17, 2009)

Soul Bubbles has been nominated for a
BAFTA award and a Game Developers Choice Award.
(feb 10, 2009)

Global Game Jam @ Mekensleep!
(jan 30 to feb 1, 2009)

Soul Bubbles won two "Milthon" at the Paris Video Game Festival.
More on Olivier's blog.
(sept 28, 2008)

Soul Bubbles is now out in Europe!
Check out its official website.
(jun 13, 2008)

Soul Bubbles, our upcoming Nintendo DS game is officially done! It should be out and available in a few months.
(feb 26, 2008)

Soul Bubbles is previewed in Liberation - in french
(jan 31, 2008)

Olivier Lejade talks about Persistent State Worlds in an interview with the FING. - in french
(nov 11, 2003)

O'Reilly Network writes about NeL
(oct 16, 2003)

We're mentionned in french newspaper
- in french
(jan 31, 2003) goes online!
(oct 29, 2002)